Karl Konrad: Founder of Australian Immigration Law Services

Who is Karl Konrad?

Karl Konrad has, over the span of nearly two decades, developed a reputation for beingKIM-0282-3.jpg the guy to go to if you wanted accurate, non-meandering advice. Being armed with no more a simple assessment form filled with some key questions on your situation, Karl will form an actionable game plan in a mere thirty minutes. Karl also does not discuss only what you think your visa pathway is. He assesses all of your pathways and together, you choose the best fit(s).

How? Because Karl has real experience and he knows that for any business to thrive, it’s services have to be of the standard that makes people come back. It’s not easy, it’s not like buying a muffin. Migration regulations are as they are, not everyone is going to get an answer that they want, but they are going to get the truth. Once clients understand this, they come back because they know they aren’t being pushed around for a sale, they know they can trust the advice they are being given. There’s a softer reason that drives him as well. In all the years of his work he has helped people move from student or work visas, to partner visas and parent visas. He’s met client’s families and friends. Eventually it does become a little bit personal. Continue reading “Karl Konrad: Founder of Australian Immigration Law Services”

Changes to the Skilled Independent 189 Visa

Effective 1 July 2017

The Skilled Independent 189 Visa is making a little change from 1 July 2017. It’s mostly just the addition of a the ‘New Zealand stream’ for New Zealand citizens who are already resident in Australia. The Skilled Independent 189 Visa that we know now, will henceforth be the ‘points tested stream’ under the Skilled Independent 189 visa. Continue reading “Changes to the Skilled Independent 189 Visa”

Engaging a Migration Agent

Why is it so important to have a consultation with your migration agent first?

“I only have one question.”
“I’d like for you to lodge my application now.”
“My case is straightforward.”

Maybe, but maybe not. When you contact a migration agent you need to understand that this is the person who will handle what could amount to be your future in Australia. You need to meet the person and establish confidence in their experience and abilities.

It is also important to carry the perspective that you need to understand the process and be involved. Visa applications are a very large time and money investment and that errors could not cost you much more than you expect. Visa refusals do not bode well for future applications. Moving from bridging visa to bridging visa over multiple applications or getting yourself in a BVE situation is similarly not a good place to be in.

It also would not be very diligent of the migration agent to offer you a simple reply to what you may believe to be “simple question”, because visas requirements are just not simple. Often times the accurate and honest answer is “it depends”. Continue reading “Engaging a Migration Agent”