Karl Konrad: Founder of Australian Immigration Law Services

Who is Karl Konrad?

Karl Konrad has, over the span of nearly two decades, developed a reputation for beingKIM-0282-3.jpg the guy to go to if you wanted accurate, non-meandering advice. Being armed with no more a simple assessment form filled with some key questions on your situation, Karl will form an actionable game plan in a mere thirty minutes. Karl also does not discuss only what you think your visa pathway is. He assesses all of your pathways and together, you choose the best fit(s).

How? Because Karl has real experience and he knows that for any business to thrive, it’s services have to be of the standard that makes people come back. It’s not easy, it’s not like buying a muffin. Migration regulations are as they are, not everyone is going to get an answer that they want, but they are going to get the truth. Once clients understand this, they come back because they know they aren’t being pushed around for a sale, they know they can trust the advice they are being given. There’s a softer reason that drives him as well. In all the years of his work he has helped people move from student or work visas, to partner visas and parent visas. He’s met client’s families and friends. Eventually it does become a little bit personal. Continue reading “Karl Konrad: Founder of Australian Immigration Law Services”

China’s Growing Trillion Sized Problem

You can’t take more than $50,000 USD out of China each year

It is estimated that roughly a colossal $1 trillion left China in 2015.┬áChina is bleeding, and bleeding badly. The regulations limiting the amount of yuan that can leave China have been in place for awhile – each Chinese national is allowed to transfer no more than $50,000 USD in a span of a year (this limit resets each year on 1 January) – but China’s foreign exchange reserves continue to plummet, and it came in at a five year low of $3.05 trillion in November last year. It is no surprise that the Chinese government have squeezed in a few new regulations in vain effort to staunch this worrying outflow. Continue reading “China’s Growing Trillion Sized Problem”

Beyond the Visa: Divya

immiNews has been all about how-tos, breaking down the visa application process and explaining regulations in a more easy to digest way. It is to inform and educate, and it is for you.

But you is not just an application. You is a story. We know that and we don’t want anyone to forget that your stories are raw and real and they matter. This is our first truly human piece. We hope that you find that this story and the stories to come, resonate with you, give you hope and give you strength. The entire visa thing, it’s more often than not, trying and scary, and you are not alone in your journey.

Divya Tyagi is from Uttar Pradesh, India. She’s one of our favourite success stories.

We Skype because she is in Tasmania. She picks up the call with a smile and I can tell she’s a little nervous. Still, it doesn’t take longer than the snap of your fingers for her to warm up, and our call, which I had expected to last no longer than 20 minutes, ran well past 90.

Continue reading “Beyond the Visa: Divya”