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398 New ACT sponsorship list  
397 New Zealanders to be given an easy pathway to PR  
389: Can I include my partner after lodging my visa?
387: Orana closes its doors to applications
386: Onshore Partner Visa process times blow out
385: Parent Visa’s and the Balance of Family Test
383: September Invitation round last night
381: ANZSCO and claiming points for work experience
380: “Usually Resident” vs “Settled” and External Auditor fills fast
379: How to beat the 12 month Defacto rule
378: DIBP Occupational Ceilings Released
377: NEW SOL CSOL lists released
376: Update news on changes for Wednesday 1st of July
375: Sponsoring Retail Managers
374: Changes for English requirements for Nurses + Student visa shake up
373: Accounting skill assessment requirements set to change
372: Applying for your Bridging Visa B to travel
371: Skilled Migration – full steam ahead
370: Accountant- almost full, whats the future? + Bitel to face trial
369: Changes regarding the 457 visa program
368: New English requirements for the 485, 476 and 457 visas
367: Changes after Easter on the 18th April
365: The Secret Life of Bridging Visas
364: Keeping your Permanent Residency – Revisited
361: Are you of good character?
359: NSW revamps its SMP procedures
358: Restrictions on sponsoring Cooks, Chefs and Cafe Mangers + more
357: The Engineer Graduate Visa 476
356: Mistakes which can cancel your visa – Part 1
355: VETASSESS set to change assessment rules
352: Streamline Visa Processing extended to Vocational Students
354: Can Cookery students apply for the 485 visa Graduate Stream?
353: Alternate English tests+Indian PM in Sydney+China-Australia FTA
351: Can Immigration Officers demand your passwords?
350: Incorrect Australian Financial Review story causes mass panic
349: Colleges bending attendance requirements+ANZSCO code explained
347: Obtaining Citizenship by Birth + NSW SMP Fiasco
346: Sabotage or Incompetence at Business NSW?
345:Visa Conditions+485 Regulations+457 updates
344: Sponsors intimidate to keep new migrants in place
343: English Language Requirements for Accountants+Visa Allocation Dates
342: NSW 190 Sponsorship update+Can parents be added as dependents?
341: Who can International Students believe regarding living costs?
340: NSW+ACT Sponsorship update+Unpaid Student Internships: A murky world
339: Going from 457 to ENS? The important 2 year rule
338: Disallowance motion successful saves Family and Carer Visas for now
337: Does the DIBP plan to wait you to death?
336: Myths propagated by education agents in India
334: Fulfilling your training requirements + New 457 report
333: Diploma to Bachelor creates difficulty for many 485 applicants
329: ENS Direct Entry Requirements
332: 457 visa demand plummets + DIBP’s secret risk assessment criteria
331: Feedback on Migration Agents of Concern List
330: How to make millions and Undermine the Migration System
328: Meaning of Employment Part 2
326: UPDATE – ACT Sponsorship Occupation List
325: Australia provides a safe haven for many same sex couples
324: Applying for Medicare
323: NSW “Pot Luck” System shuts down
322: Meaning of Employment Part 1
321: Update: NSW State Sponsorship Occupation List
320: Are International Students studying Nursing being shortchanged?
319: Occupation Ceiling for 2014-15
318: 485 Regulation Stuff Up
317: NSW State Sponsorship starts 14th July
316: Case Officer errors Pt2: Jalna’s story
315: A Feature Story – Case officer errors can cost you dearly Pt1
314: Update: SOL, ENS Visa, Student Visa Assessment
313: SOL and CSOL changes announced today
312: Changes: Visa label charge, Assessment Validity & Student Visas
311: Offshore Skills Assessment Program (Trades)
310: UPDATE: No current occupations being removed from the SOL
308: Chef’s, Bricklayer’s and Tiler’s to make a comeback
307: URGENT: Today is the last day to apply for discontinued visas
306: Streamline processing extended+Alternate English language tests
304: A Stop on certain visa applications
302: Budget Edition
301: Australian Border Force
300: A Sunday Story – Profile of an Inspiration
299: News Updates
298: 457 LMT, Credit Card Surcharge and the latest SkillSelect report
297: Relationship Registries Revisited
296: Skilled – Regional Provisional (subclass 489) Update
293: DIBP releases updates to various visa subclasses
292: A Sunday Story – Unqualified Migration Assistance
291: Occupation Ceiling for certain occupations increased
290: Update: Addition to the list of SVP Approved Providers
289: A Sunday Story – Climbing the ladder of success
288: What will happen to Accounting, IT and Engineering and the SOL?
286: A Sunday Story
285: Immigration Dept Backs Down on student visa issue
284: Student and Education Provider reactions on 8516 Letters
283: What is a breach of Condition 8516?
282: DIBP threat letters causing mass panic
280: NSW SMP for 190 visa shuts until July 2014
278: A Sunday Story: 3 Night stay at the Hotel Villawood
277: ACS announces fee changes for 2014
276: Conditions 8539 and 8549 for 489/487/475 visa holders
275: Do I have to live in my sponsoring region?
272: Student Visa Assessment Changes
269: Disaster Looms for International IT Students
268: Changes in assessment guidelines – What is the ACS up to?
267: Changes to ACS Skills Assessment and Latest SkillSelect Report
265: Historical look at the definitions of English
264: New – Accountants, IT and others wanted for Regional NSW
263: Student Visa Condition 8202: Part II
262: Work Experience Qualification Points
261: Student Visa Condition 8202
260: Time if Invitation Criteria Reviewed
259: Cancellation of RSMS Visas
258: eMedical Updates
257: Occupational Ceiling Report for GSM Applications
256: 457 Visa English Language Requirements
255: Further Application Fee increase
254: SMP Updates
252: 457 Visa Updates
251: Fake marriages
250: PIC 4020 and the Scary world of MRT hearings
249: Application Fee Madness
248: Tania’s long wait is finally over
247: MRT and Priority Processing Updates
246: We are moving to new premises
245: 457 Visa updates Part II
244: NSW re-opens sponsorship and new version of ANZSCO
243: The New 457 Visa Rules Released
242: DIAC fees set to skyrocket for families
242: New SOL Released
241: DIAC Turns up the Heat on 457 Visa Holders
240: NSW Shuts the door and 886 Applicants still anxiously
239: The 457 Visa process: Nominating an Occupation
238: The New 485 Visa Rules Released
237: Rental Crisis for Students – The overcrowded death traps
236: Resident Return Visa – Part 3
235: Disaster Looms for thousands of business students
234: Resident Return Visa Part 2 – Close Ties to Australia
233: Crisis in Sponsorship Over?
232: Keeping your Permanent Residency
231: ENS Revisited Pt2 – Sponsoring yourself?
230: Employer Nomination Scheme Revisited
229: 2012 The Year That Was
228: Details of the new 485 visa for 2013
227: New SMP list for NSW and requirements
226: Which SMP’s are the best?
225: Crisis in Sponsorship Update
224: Reforms to the Business Skills Program
223: The EOI crawls before walking
222: A Crisis in Sponsorship
221: Occupation Quotas Released and Priority Processing Arrangements
220: New SOL and Consolidated 457 and ENS list (CSOL)
219: The new EOI. Is it the End Of Immigration?
218: Change to the Skilled Migration Pass Mark
217: The New SOL and Definitions of English and for the 1st July 2012
216: Extension of time on lodging onshore GSM applications and more
215: New Skilled Visa and Points Test Arrangements
214: More changes to Student visa and the future Graduate visa
213: Student Visa Requirements
212: Employer Sponsored Visa Reforms
211: Changes to Student Visa Assessment Levels: PG5 processing Update: MRT
210: Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) guidelines
209: Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS)
208: DIAC’s New Terror Tactics
Xmas Edition
207: New Work Visas Details and Group 5 processing starts
206: Studying in Regional Areas for 5 Points
205: Student Visa Changes 6th July 2011: The New GTE and Sched 4020
204: Are you Transitional or not Transitional?
203: Denying the right to survive
202: Student Visa Changes Ahead
201: Partner Points
200: Parent Visa – Part 2: 28th August 2011
199: Partner Visa- Limitations on Sponsorship
198: Parent Visa 17th August 2011
197: Partner Visa
The Unwanted Student Visa and permission to work
A Question of Competence Pt2
A Question of Competence Part 1
18th July 2011 Education Factors
Jun 20 2011 3