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More than keeping you up to date with the latest developments in the ever evolving world of Australian migration law, immiNews is your best guide, distilling heaps of regulations into user-friendly and focused articles on relevant topics, such as how to apply for specific visas, what certain visa conditions mean and preparing for important assessments. immiNews is produced by Australian Immigration Law Services; experienced migration agents who have invested years upon years in understanding the ins and outs of migration law.

Karl Konrad founded Australian Immigration Law Services in 1998 and has over these last two decades, the team has carved out for itself a strong reputation of being experts in the field. With a collective 50 over years of rich experience our team has processed thousands upon thousands of applications with an incredible success rate. Learn more about the members of the team.

Karl Konrad, Managing Director (MARN 9904238)
Jee Eun Han, Senior Migration Specialist (MARN 0850073)
Amy Kim, Senior Migration Specialist (MARN 1464419)
Zoe He, Senior Migration Specialist (MARN 1464926)










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