Here are some articles for you to end the week with! First, Cory Bernadi thinks immigration can be halved. But he’s not talking about being discriminatory, he’s talking about getting the right people in for the right reasons.

Read The Australian: Cory Bernardi says immigration should be halved

Should permanent residents have access to HECS? Many if not most of this children will stay on in Australia – isn’t education important and shouldn’t everyone have access to it? Of course, that’s an ideal, not something easily made reality.

Read The Australian: Disadvantaged students denied access to HECS

Here, a fight between the Australian Building and Construction Commission and construction companies who want to oust foreign workers first over locals..

Read The Australian: Firms won’t get work if agreements require retrenchment of foreign workers first

Yet another case of exploitation, to our dismay.

Read SMH: Cafe Di Stasio forced to repay $35,000 after exploiting foreign staff

Rogue immigrants. This is not the majority! But with so many eyes and opinions surrounding immigration in Australia now, it certain holds the wrong sway.

Read SMH: ‘Fake doctor’ Shyam Acharya shows ‘big failing of the system’, Peter Dutton says

Read SMH: ATM fraudster to be jailed, then deported

That’s it folks! Enjoy the weekend!



Karl Konrad
Managing Director & Migration Agent, Australian Immigration Law Services
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