News: 457 Post Employment Visa Expiry Changes

The holder of a Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (Subclass 457) will no longer have 90 days but only 60 days after their employment has ceased to stay in Australia legally. This new rule will only apply to visas granted from now on. Those on current 457 visas will still have the 90 days.

We have covered this topic in more detail in our previous edition. Read about it here

Recently published in the Australian, Immigration Minister Mr Dutton, explains that this move will help protect local labour.

“The government values the contribution made by the many skilled persons who work in Australia on 457 visas, but where there is an Australian worker ready, willing and able to perform a role it is the Government’s policy that they have priority”

This has been a long running debate, if the 457 programme is contributing directly to unemployment for Australian citizens and permanent residents. We have seen many scams, bribes and exploitation stories surrounding this visa and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection is becoming very much more strict in assessing 457 and employer sponsored applications.

The 457 programme is a double edged sword. There are definitely benefits; honest and skilled workers who deserve a chance to contribute to the Australian society and economy. We can only hope that these changes in regulations will help deter those who wish to abuse the system.

Read The Australian: Turnbull government makes changes to 457 visas for skilled foreign workers


Karl Konrad
Managing Director & Migration Agent, Australian Immigration Law Services
MARN 9904238 


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